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Danping also has selling and marketing expenses of $700,00 and administrative expenses of $300,00. Under the simplified deduction method what is Danping’s:DPGR? QPAI?DPAD?Assuming that the taxable income and W-2 wage limitations do not intervene, Danping’s DPAD is approx. $69,642.86 (9% * 773,809.52)41. Assume the same facts as in Problem 40, except that Danping’s records do not identify its CGS (as between manufactured and imported furniture) but reflect an unallocated amount of $1,950,000. Further assume that Danping is qualified to (and does) use the small business simplified method of allocating CGS and other expenses. What is Danping’s:a. QPAI?b. DPAD?


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