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Maria’s current state of mental health

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MEIER: 0|.ou 1. Maria Torres is a 23-year-old Hispanic single mother of two and is enrolled as a student at the local community college. She works 30 hours a week as a waitress at a local restaurant in addition to her course work. Maria states that she is “excited about her future career as a computer programmer.” She manages her living expenses marginally but states that she is reasonably happy and satisfied with her life. She states that she is getting good grades in her college courses. Her mother helps care for her two small children when Maria is at school, studying, or working. {Learning Objectives 1 and 4] A. Based on this information, what personal factors or characteristics would respect Maria’s current state of mental health or illness according to the information in Chapter 1? B. What if Maria’s situation suddenly changed and she lost her housing? ‘What concerns would you, as the nurse, have for Maria and her children now? How would you counsel Maria to obtain the needed assistance and support she requires in the face of her new situation?


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