Manic episode

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic feature of manic episode? Elevated, expansive, irritable mood Thought echo, thought insertion or thought withdrawal Increased psychomotor activities Flight of ideas______________ is a clinical term used to explain a major depressive disorder superimposed on an underlying dysthymia. Neurotic depression Double depression Secondary depression Agitated depressionMood-congruent psychotic features in depressed patients include all, EXCEPT: Nihilistic delusions Delusion of love Delusion of guilt Delusion of povertyMania represents a ______________ to depression according to psychodynamic theory. Sublimation Reaction formulation Displacement Repression______________ is a poor prognostic factor in mood disorders. Typical Clinical Features Well-adjusted premorbid-personality Comorbid personality disorders Acute or abrupt onset of illness___________ is a disorder characterized by persistent depressive features, not amounting to depressive disorder, which last for more than 2 years? Euthymia Dysthymia Cyclothymia MelancholiaWhich of the following antidepressant is known for its high anticholinergic side effects? Mirtazapine Sertraline Amitriptyline FluoxetineTherapeutic blood level of lithium is: 150 to 200 mg/dL 1.5 to 2 mEq/L 11 to 20 mg/dL 0.8 to 1.2 mEq/LThe usual therapeutic dose range of lithium carbonate in the treatment of bipolar disorders is: 15-30 mg/day 2000-3000 mg/day 30-60 mg/day 900-1500 mg/dayThe therapeutic blood level of sodium valproate in mood disorders is 10 – 20 mEq/L 0.8 – 1.2 mEq/L 45 and 100 mcg/mL 20 – 40 mcg/mL______________ is a tricyclic antidepressant drug.

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