Managing diversity

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Assignment

Read this article (available here) on managing diversity in the workplace.

Next, visit the website of the large U.S. corporation, Sodexo, and learn how they effectively invest in diversity management and use it to their advantage: important general points can be made about the relationship between diversity and business success. The effects of workforce diversity are conditioned by other organizational and contextual factors. Diversity can’t be used as a competitive organizational strength unless it’s managed effectively. The Balanced Scorecard is one effective tool to measure and quantify the impact of diversity at different levels and functions of business. By using this method, it may become possible to predict the economic value added by assessing the level of workforce diversity, inclusive organizational cultures and good diversity management.

Part 1Imagine that you are the CEO of a shoe company. Your potential market for selling these shoes is endless. Consider how you can best tap into the diversity within your company to help you to improve your systems for marketing and selling your product. How can you attract a more diverse workforce and why might this be beneficial? Further, what are some ways that you might incorporate the diversity that you have into developing a workplace culture that values diversity? Your paper should be at least 500 words in length. Cite any reference used in apa format.

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