Management of negotiations and employee

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Assignment on management of negotiations and employee relations Most of the furniture being sold by this company comes from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. The company is one of the leading suppliers of exotic furniture in the country but it is currently experiencing some problems in terms of supplies. The selection process is almost through and I have been included in the company’s short list of applicants. During the second round of interviews, the human resource manager opened the topic of salary. The company made an offer which, although it is acceptable, it is not really what I have expected. I feel that with my qualifications, I deserve a better pay from the company. Since to my knowledge the company is interested in me and that the company has no rigid “first offer is the last offer policy”, I embarked into the negotiation process with the end goal of getting better salary and work conditions.When the human resource manager informs me of the company’s offer, I will ask for a little time to consider their offer then I will write a counter offer letter. My negotiation plan will be based on the mix model of negotiation which is creating and claiming value. To implement this negotiation model, I will need to know all the policies of the company regarding the hiring of new employees, the salary ranges and the benefits that they have to offer as well as the present financial status of the company. There is really no point of trying to negotiate something that the company cannot afford thus it is very important to learn more about the company’s financial status when negotiating for salaries.Counter offers are better set in writing so that the other party will know for certain what the stand of the other is. In my counter offer letter, I will express my great interest in working for the firm and how I could be a good asset to the company.

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