Management Information System

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Submit a 5250 words essay on the topic Management Information System: Systems Analysis and Design. The system will automate the current process which is manual. Every fire extinguisher currently is recorded on a spreadsheet. Managing the fire extinguishers in a large organization like Qatar Petroleum has proven a difficult challenge hence the need for the new application.6This project involves analysis and design of a system that manages the fire extinguisher allocations and distribution within various zones, departments and locations at Qatar Petroleum. This need came about in order to increase the safety awareness within the entity. QP sits on a large land mass and activities that are held in its premises are highly inflammable. The number of people working in the institution is large in number. So, all these conditions increase the risk of fire within the entity especially if there is little awareness among the workers.

Safety is a major concern for most Oil and Gas companies. Qatar Petroleum also takes great care for the safety of its staff and property. Installation of fire extinguishers in the company has been the custom since its existence. With the vastness of the area on which the company lies, managing and accounting for fire extinguishers, replacing expired extinguishers, monitoring the type of extinguishers in various locations and monitoring the numbers and types of extinguishers in various departments has been a great challenge. The purpose of this system is to ensure that higher management can from one point know which extinguishers are installed, the number and where. They also need to know which extinguishers need to be replaced, which are used and the ones that have expired. They need to know the departmental users in charge of the extinguishers and any reports that the company need on the make and usage of the extinguishers. i. The project objective is to develop a design for the system that will manage the fire extinguishers at Qatar Petroleum. The system will automate the current.

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