Maldives country

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Essay on Maldives Country Case Report. Paper must be at least 1250 words. However, as this century came to an end, the entire globe was engulfed in destructive world wars and huge financial crisis. This time is also referred to as the First Great Age of Global Capitalism. Then came the time of great maturation called as globalization. Also of critical importance, this stage became apparent in the world at the last quarter of the 20th century. As time passed and globalization gathered pace through the revolutionary techniques of verbal communication, the interdependence of web grew more and more. The interdependence thus related the every country in the world (Gilpin and Gilpin, Moses and Knutsen, 365).In Maldives the effect had been more or less the same. The interdependence thus introduced in the country by destroying old walls around most of the issues. The politics in Maldives can also not be separated in two separate clauses of domestic and international. As for the foreign policy, it has also moved beyond the terms of realism. Of course, like the past, one cannot ignore the increasing pace and scope of the events occurring internationally. Maldives has also been affected by the reduction of space as well as time as it has presented the country with a lot of trade-offs. More specifically, it has become difficult for countries like Maldives to focus on one area at the expense of the other area. Maldives is thus known as a Faraway Flashpoint which is undergoing fast changes in technical, social, political, and economic arenas. Maldives thus focuses on cooperation as it is necessary for its survival (Moses and Knutsen, 367).As far as the patterns of changes are concerned, it has been observed that the country holds the transformationalist Perspective. This can be determined by the trends of political change since the country has now been reconstituted and restructured in its essence. In

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