Magnitudes of the accelerations

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Please help me to answer this multiple choice question effectively3 173I," ofis4 METhoMG . The figure shows a system which consists of adisk of mass 3 m supported on frictionlessbearings by a stand that has a mass of Am .Blocks m and 2 m hang from opposite ends of astring that passes over the disk . The system isreleased from rest . Which of the followingstatements are true of the system after it isreleased ? Select two answers .( A ) The tensions are equal to each other .( B )The reaction force of the table on the supportstand is 10mg .( C )The magnitudes of the accelerations of m and 2 mare equal .( D )The torque causing the pulley to rotate is equal to* ( In – II )…

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