Love relationship

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Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Love. The love relationship is not a bed of roses because roses do have thorns! Evidently, marriage is a life-long experience of discovering and re-discovering each other that one would be surprised to see something new each day. It shows Reuben getting married to a woman he has dated for years and whom he believed was the perfect life-time partner – prim, proper, smart, and leading a well-planned life like he was. Being an insurance agent, he is not really apt about taking too risky chances at something as permanent as marriage. To his dismay, however, he found his wife having sex with a guy they just met while they were having their honeymoon! This other guy was supposed to take them scuba diving but he ended up in his boat with Reuben’s wife that it was a big shock for the three of them in that one heartbreaking scene. What a tragedy! Life is full of surprises but that was a surprise that changed the rest of his life as the story continues to unfold. It was at this moment then that he met a former classmate named Polly who was his and his wife’s exact opposite. Polly was a waitress whom his best friend did not approve of just because of a tattoo she had on her body. Sometimes, it is a wonder how people can be judgmental at something that they do not even try to understand first about another person. Nevertheless, during their dates, Reuben found himself enjoying and letting go of all the worries and anxieties that he previously suffer with. Meeting someone like Polly sort of balanced the way he was as a person and he was realizing that all this may be doing him a lot of good beyond his expectation. On one hand, he could choose to go back to his wife who was much like him but was unfaithful. On the other, he could also choose to be with Polly who didn’t have plans about life but with whom he felt well-loved and cared for. The story ends beautifully by Reuben choosing Polly, not really knowing what the future had in store for them, but feeling secure in the love they shared with each other.

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