Love and Spare Time

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Assignment

Write an argumentative essay on Love. Spare Time. Needs to be 2 pages. Furthermore, many businesses have been seen to make cost leadership their strategy, business such as Wal-Mart adhere to cost leadership in order to differentiate and maintain their competitive advantage, but Mark does not want to opt for that option either. The fact that no other retailer within a five-mile radius offers the brands being offered by Mark is an edge Mark has over the other retailers if the quality of the brands being offered by him is perceived to be superior by his customers.Even then it is just a matter of time till the growing trend of e-commerce engulfs this point of differentiation of Spare Time Equipment. The facts stated above show that as of now, Spare Time Equipment does not have a sustainable competitive advantage and customers do not come to an outlet just to make friends and build relationships.One thing which Mark has been doing right is to try and differentiate himself on the basis of the service Spare Time Equipment provides over other retailers, the tagline “We do it right the first time” is attention grabbing and has a feel of excellence in business. As mentioned above, most of Mark’s experience has been in the services sector. therefore differentiating on the basis of providing good service seems very apt and achievable. However, in order for people to avail the services at Spare Time Equipment it is essential for people to first buy the product for which Mark needs to become more flexible. Some amount of consumer promotion to introduce the product with the customers would do more good to Mark than harm. Promotions of limited time discount offers could be run on the radio spots and print ads which Mark has previously used to create awareness about Spare Time Equipment. This would help increase customer traffic at Spare Time Equipment and then it would be up to the sales staff to seal the deal. If Mark does not want to reduce the price of his

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