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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Literacy & Education. The objective of the No Child Left Behind Act has been received with mixed feeling among the American society. While some support the legislation, others have vehemently opposed it as regards its impacts on schools. According to the author of this book, many people have narrow comprehension of the content and scope of the NCLB. This book lays a platform for better understanding of the contents and operation of the NCLB. No Child Left Behind’s main objective is “to improve the reading level of American students” (41).

In this book, the authors present a research analysis including several countries to demonstrate and justify that higher education levels promotes national income growth. In their bid to ascertain if education quality improves per capita income, they use the data they obtained from each country. According to the authors, high quality education results into low child mortality rate. The authors argue that education quality significantly influences the number of years one stays in school in open economies compared with closed.

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