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Linguistic Contact and Diversity

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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Linguistic Contact and Diversity.This essay discusses that It is true and essential to value the diverseness of languages in line with the cultural values that they uphold. These values are the origin of ethical values that distinguish human and other animals. The diverse cultures and languages create a society that is worth living because of diverse interests that are appealing. However, if the language is understood as a flash of the human spirit then its values and importance become insignificant.Pagel’s ideology is a literal misconception of the values that are attached to language diversity. The storehouses of knowledge that are historically developed are found in the cultural and linguistic diversity. This means that both language and cultural diversity and tailored to understand biodiversity.If Pagel’s idea was right and practical then one could ask. how would this idea resolve racism with the understanding that racism is based on color and not language? How could the society uphold ethical values that have roots from the cultural practices? If Davis’ idea was totally right then how comes beneficial cultural practices in the current world is associated with diverse historical practices? Why is it that history and languages that were destroyed are currently being traced?The unity as a world is respected and valuable if the diversity in culture and language are withheld to the latter. The values and importance of diverse languages are to be natured because of their underpinning values that are globally acceptable and valuable.


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