Legal and ethical issues

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Essay on The legal and ethical issues surrounding Solyndra. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Obama administration was doing everything possible to encourage renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar energy. It is believed that solar energy will replace all conventional energy sources in future because of its potential to provide green energy or clean energy. Obama administration does not want to see the closure of energy companies, especially the energy companies dealing with solar energy. Therefore, Obama administration has recently sanctioned a half-billion dollar loan to the failing solar energy company Solyndra. Many people believe that the decision to support a company like Solyndra is illegal and unethical. The concerns of the ordinary people related to the $535 million financial aid to Solyndra was proved to be right after the collapse of the company in 2011. The collapse of Solyndra has left the taxpayers liable for all $535 million (Solyndra, the White House, and the Most Dangerous Conflict of Interest of&nbsp.All, 2011). The Solyndra scandal is a perfect example to prove that politically motivated illogical decisions may cause immense harm to the taxpayers or ordinary people. This paper analyses the legal and ethical issues involved in the decision of Obama administration to support Solyndra.Solyndra accuses Chinese companies for its failure to prosper in American market. The company believes that the governmental policies are not good enough to counter the challenges from foreign companies in the solar energy market. Solyndra argues that Chinese companies or solar panel makers are conspired to fix prices and flood the U.S. market with solar panels at below-cost prices forcing it out of business. Solyndra has already filed a1.5 billion lawsuit against Chinese companies (Bathon, 2012). It is a fact that Chinese made products are cheaper than products manufactured in other countries such as America. In China, manpower cost is extremely less compared to that in America. Therefore, Chinese companies can sell

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