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Leadership styles

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Write an article on How Different Leadership Styles Affect Workspace Performance. It needs to be at least 750 words. It is quite difficult for one person to manage a large group without having to deal with the factors mentioned above. However, the path-goal theory sets a fair basis for ensuring that every member of the group gets a chance at performing to the best of their ability and receiving the rewards for it. Also, the environment in which the nurses work is very task-based and has a formal authority system that suits the path-goal style. The leader can lead by directing, supporting, setting goals or promoting participation amongst the members of the team, depending on the subordinates’ needs. In turn, the subordinates gain experience and satisfaction in their work. This leadership style is commanding uses force. Cook would be giving orders to the subordinates and expecting them to follow these orders closely and act upon them immediately. The tone that Cook would use is upper-handed and she could be heard demanding “to do what I tell you to do”. Cook would monitor the subordinates work performance very closely. In her opinion, the subordinates do not make informed decisions. The conversations and interactions are cold, brief and mostly work-related. This style instills fear in the subordinates and Cook would motivate them through threatening ways. Authoritative Leadership Style Although this style may seem very negative, it has a positive approach because the style allows the subordinates to explore and discover ways to achieve the goals. It motivates the employees. Cook would lead by good examples and she could be heard confidently saying, “come with me”. In her opinion, the subordinates are individuals with a passion to achieve goals. The conversations and interactions are encouraging and motivating. Cook would motivate the employees by encouraging them to perform better. Affiliative Leadership Style Cook would encourage the team by having team-building efforts to create harmony. In Cooks opinion, “people come first”. However, if used excessively, Cook could turn a blind eye to the mistakes that the subordinates make. The communications and interactions are friendly and go beyond work issues. In a way, the subordinates are motivated through the harmony and sense of belonging that the leadership style creates.&nbsp.


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