Law of sales and the uniform commercial code

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Compose a 500 words essay on Law of sales and the uniform commercial code(SLP). 2.2 The payment of the Purchase Price shall be made in full by means of telegraphic transfer of immediate available funds to the Sellers account maintained with National Westminster Bank, Bournemouth Branch, The Square, 5 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 1DU, UK, (US Dollar Account No.06236820).3.4. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties delivery shall take place at Bournemouth International Airport, Bournemouth, before which the Buyer has inspected all technical documentation and agreed that it is to his satisfaction.3.5. Delivery of the Aircraft shall include the original historical records pertaining Aircraft and Engines. The delivery will be deemed complete if some conditions are met, the first condition being that only after the Seller has delivered the original and complete historical records, and the Buyer has inspected and accepted the original and complete historical records, will the contract be complete. The second condition is that the inspection will include the current AD/SB status of the Aircraft and Engines, as well as documents showing complete traceability to zero of the Life Limited Parts of the Aircraft and Engines and all records are accepted by the Buyer. If the above conditions are met, then the Sellers responsibility for delivery of the Aircraft will have been completed. The Buyer shall acknowledge such delivery and acceptance by the execution of Exhibit C.3.6. The Buyer agrees after accepting delivery of the aircraft to remove the aircraft from the Sellers premises within seven working days, unless communication is made in writing between the two parties on another date. All costs associated with the removal of the aircraft from the Sellers premises will be to the cost of the Buyer. If the Buyer is unable to take the aircraft after seven days, then the Seller will be able to invoice the Seller parking

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