Law in the US constitution

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Write 3 page essay on the topic Explain the law as it relates to torts, the U.S. Constitution, intellectual property, and crime affect business. In particular, this paper will address the issue about the trade-off between entertainment venues that enable the owners to profit and benefit from their work. Participants in the music and movie industries among other forms of entertainment have always insisted on the efficiency of encryption programs, which are necessary to prevent piracy. Under the law of intellectual property rights, owners are granted certain rights that are exclusive to assets like music, books, and other artistic works that are intangible (William & Miller, 2010). Some of the rights include trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, copyrights, and trade secrets in common jurisdictions. Most of these principles have evolved over centuries. The Statute of Monopolies (1623) and the Statute of Anne (1710) are viewed as the origins of patent law and copyright law respectively (George, 2000).Most individuals have vastly criticized intellectual property law like those in the free culture movement.

On the contrary, intellectual property tends to be controlled by economic goals when it ought to be considered as a societal product. There are limitations in the intellectual property of the United States which focus on joint works and individuals. thus copyright protection can only be obtained in original works of authorship. The ethical difficulties are mostly pertinent when it involves such entertainment products. A tort is simply a civil wrong which can either be negligent or intentional. Cyber torts, on the other hand, are torts done over cyberspace (George, 2000). These are still crimes and also have serious effects on the social order. The technological aspect has an enormous impact in exposing everyone to dangers and damages. This includes the entertainment venues whose privacy is mostly interrupted. Tort law recognizes that individuals have a right to refrain being sued in the absence of a proper and legally just reason. This can be in reference violations against property or

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