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Leadership Style of Ray Noorda

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Write 9 pages with APA style on Leadership Style of Ray Noorda. The significant weakness that others see in Novell is Noorda’s inability to effectively delegate top-level responsibilities, as a result of selecting high-quality managers in the upper echelons of the company to replace Noorda was difficult.Cross-cultural management has been defined as “the development of knowledge ad application about cultures in the practice of international management, where the people involved have different cultural identities.” (Mead 2005:16). Ray Noorda had a global position and attitude, as detailed by his managers and he made this international outlook very clear to his employees, therefore the leadership style that was employed by Ray Noorda in the Novell Company reflects this international strategic aspect in every sphere of applications. The team of five specialists that he employed to develop a worldwide business model in the form of a software package, were constantly aware that Noorda wanted them to develop an application that would be compatible with most computer systems all over the world – he was primarily concerned with the international applications of every program, thereby revealing that his cross-cultural outlook and the practice of international management as opposed to a strictly regional management policy.This may be noted in the fact that Novell recognized early on that developing proprietary hardware pieces that would sit on a desktop restricted within a particular area was a trend that was on its way out. He realized that “non-proprietary, clone-like products for the desktop” was what was called for, because through this aspect “the world would be tied together in some way.” (Scannell, 1989). When Noorda first joined Novell, a proprietary networking product named Sharenet was available which was a box that had a 68000 based computer. Noorda used this as the basis to explore further how the box could be ported into other environments to make .a server out of a PC.


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