Language barrier

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Language barrier prevents patient satisfaction because the health care providers is unable to understand or relate to patients. The Capstone Project is designed to be completed in sections. This is part two of the assignment. Revise your Change Proposal Topic, using feedback from your instructor, and attach it to your paper. Add any necessary transitions to bridge the sections of the paper.Directions:Write an implementation plan for your Change Plan (750-1,000 words) based on your Logic Model:Determine the organizational resources needed to implement and maintain the change plan. Identify the stakeholders needed to support the implementation of the proposed plan. Explain how these stakeholders are vital to implementing the change plan. Discuss the impact this change plan will have on the organization and its stakeholders. Provide the timeline that details the implementation plan. Discuss the steps of implementation. Identify potential barriers to implementing the change plan. Discuss steps for overcoming the potential barriers.This assignment requires that you support your position by referencing at least three to five scholarly resources. At least two of your supporting references must be from peer-reviewed resources.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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