Kothari reflection

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on number 4 & 5 i don’t get it. how do i get this ?Chapter 68 REFLECTIONS3 . How does Kothari BEGINNer reflection ? Is this an effective beginning ?Why or why not ? How does it signal to readers what Kothari willaddress in the rest of the piece ?4 . For Kothari , cultural identity shapes , and is shaped by the foods oneats and the ways one eats them . Her reflection reveals a struggleover two cultures – Indian and American – and she worries that shecannot locate herself fully in either . At the end of her text , she notes" I worry that this antipathy toward dal signals something deeper , thatsomehow I am not my parents’ daughter , not Indian , and becauseI cannot bear the touch and smell of raw meatI am not Americaneither What does it mean to live on the border between two culturesin the ways Kothari describes ?5 . For Writing . Think about the kinds of foods you grew up with and thways they were similar or dissimilar to those of your peers . Write anessay REFLECTING on the role food has played in your own sense ofyour identity – whether it be your cultural heritage , your identificaion ( or not ) with your generation , your individual or family identityor some other formtity ,

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