KFC And Burger King Strategies

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The company’s core products are Buckets, Burgers and Twisters and Colonel’s Crispy Strips chicken with home-style side dishes. The first ‘Soul Food’ product to hit the stores was ‘Warm Chicken Salad’. The success of this salad led to new variants being developed, and more ‘Soul Food’ products continue to feature on KFC’s menus. The ‘Soul Food’ philosophy has also made a real impact upon KFC’s retail estate, manifesting itself in all aspects of communication, from window posters to the menu boards and staff uniforms. (www.kfc.co.uk) In the case of Burger King, the philosophy of “One size fits all” does not fit with its customers, as customisation is king for them. The target segment is core 18- to 35-year-old “burger-and-fries-loving” customers. To appeal to a broader customer base, it offers a variety of food options, such as a full line of breakfast products, salads, BK VEGGIE burgers, desserts and more.

This strategy involves making modifications in the product characteristics so as to stimulate sales. (Kotler, 367).KFC is committed to serving foods that meet the changing needs of its customers. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has slashed the amount of dangerous trans fats in its foods in the UK. It uses a low trans fat blend of cooking oil in its 713 British and Irish stores. Previously the company used partially hydrogenated rapeseed oil. The fast-food chain says the switch means that all of its products will contain less than one per cent trans fat. The trans fats have been removed without sacrificing the great taste that is the foundation of the KFC brand. Trans fats occur naturally in small amounts in dairy products and meat, but they’ve also formed artificially when manufacturers hydrogenate liquid vegetable fat or oil. (KFC slashes trans fats on UK menus) Product Line Extension.This strategy involves adding new products or services to the existing product line (Onkvisit, Shaw, 384). Burger King has planned to build a chain of Whopper Bars in Britain, which will sell a variety of its signature hamburgers in a hipper, more adult setting.

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