Journalistic free speech

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Write 3 page essay on the topic Journalistic free speech and the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks, whether or not there should be a limit to free speech.The paper elaborates on the right to the ‘freedom of speech’ in journalism and consequences of such speeches on masses. The paper even focuses on the views of different reporters and scholars about the freedom of speech in journalism.The different sources of disagreement that is prominent in the society majorly reflects on various concepts for the development of overall understanding of the masses about the messages that are being represented may lead to a huge amount of distress. The freedom of speeches of the different reports can even lead to an amount of distress among the different community group. This can even lead to an amount of mental blockages as well as lead to situations of conflicts. The disclosures and details that are portrayed by the reporters even create an amount of cognitive blockages and affect the overall societal settings. The journalists who detail about the social dogmas related to the religious beliefs often portray it so bluntly that it can actual hurt the beliefs of the people. Moreover, Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons that provoked different communism and terrorist attacks were viewed by some to be hurting the sentiments of masses and other the other hand, some supported the views (USA Today, “Paris slaughter cant silence free expression: Our view”). For instance, , “the decision by most Irish newspapers not to reproduce the more provocative Charlie Hebdo cartoons is a betrayal of free expression” (Brady, “Right to offend does not require journalists to offend”)This reflected that the overall development of the freedom of speech and the way they are being used by the different sections of the society are often leading to offensive attitude of the masses dealing in different sectors. Specifically, while elaborating on sensitive issues such as the religious beliefs, chances of controversies from various sectors of the society must be acceptable. However, Zagano ‘The

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