Journal Assignment for documents and videos

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Assignment

Write 9 pages with APA style on Journal Assignment for documents and videos. At one vantage point, books are typical form of secondary source. Mostly scholars use primary sources material to make secondary sources for example letters and diaries to write books. It is also easy to determine whether a book functions as a primary source in case of published memoirs, autobiographies, and published documents. Also use of video in class, where the students to can see clearly charts, tables or concept maps are the most significant areas where students can find key ideas and relationship among ideas. In museum graphics organizer are there so that students can answer most historical questions, write connections, and relate to particular observation to larger concepts. Videos also help students to compare and contrast, a strategy that help analyze similarities and differences, this can be applied to in museum exhibitions and resources too. Forms film give the students a tangible feel of what people felt and how things were happening that time. Those videos show clarity to what may seem random happening. Examples of primary source include constitution, pamphlet, treaty, a law, and city council proceedings in political history. In cultural history, we have Novel, dance, music oral traditions, key religious work, and training manual for new converts, visual art, costume, and religious tract. Also in social history, we have Lyrics such as protest songs, laws, college catalogues for curriculum and types of students, letters, biographies, and news reports. According to economic history, primary sources are tax filing, will, and foreclosure records, patent applications Business ledger and contract placards. In military history it includes, map, soldier diary, weaponry, uniform and strategic and tactical plans. Court transcript, judicial ruling, parole officer report, police report in legal history and A law, constitution, pamphlet, treaty, city council proceedings finally in political science. Handling of selected primary documents. Identifying primary sources and using them requires a careful thought and some extra knowledge. Primary sources increase questions, may be among them: primary source is what? What is the level of history in these primary sources among others? They stand for range of concerns from vital studying skills to the nature and historical knowledge. There basic questions we must know their answers so that we can identify source of primary data: 1. Is the source is self-published? 2. What is the level of history does the source belong? 3. Is the source independent? 4. Where did the document originate? 5. The limitations present in the document. 6. Why is the document there? 7. How reliable the document is? All above will determine how we handle our primary document, which are useful in working definitions about historical sources and practical tips for reading primary documents. The theory of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources came from academic discipline of historiography. It gave historians away to indicate how related was the piece of information to real events . It is vital that the concept is with actions of events but not ideas or theoretical aspects. A primary source has about same time of event, despite the source of contents. Therefore, when a dictionary is a tertiary source, an ancient one is the primary source because it has the meaning of words in ancient world. There is no quaternary source.

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