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Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Job Redesign. The job of managing the human resource lies on the shoulders of the relevant manager, and he or she had to operate under the shadow of strategic management, and he or she does not have any level of job autonomy. His or her hands are tied even in the process of doing his or her job. The entire organization influences the job of the human resource manager. The head of the department that is about to hire a new employee holds the key towards the successful completion of the process, and the human resource manager does the relevant paper work only. The manager does not get an opportunity to apply his or her knowledge while performing his or her job, and in this way, the organization often ends up with bad hires (Gupta & Banerjee, 2013). The human resource manager has to lose his or her job after the organization finds out that the recent hires are not good enough. The strategic managers point fingers in the direction of the poor fellow who played a nominal role in the whole process, and he or she has to pay the highest price of all.The dilemma exists because the organizations do not value the socialistic and communal characteristics of the employees, and the companies focus too much on the professional aspects of their personalities (Licht, 1983). The employees have to work in the group and team settings, and therefore, the companies have to play a gamble at the final stage of the hiring process because they do not know about the group and team skills of the persons. The human development is strong need of the world of consumerism, and the human resource has to work closely with the marketing and sales-force so that they can keep bringing in the new projects in a quick succession.


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