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Write 2 pages with APA style on Job opportunities for engineering graduates in UAE. Job Opportunities for Engineering Graduates in UAE Job Opportunities for Engineering Graduates in UAE Topic and Justification This study will investigate the job opportunities for engineering graduates in UAE. This topic is worth investigating since it would help students to choose their careers and specifically address the merits of studying engineering in UAE. The study will also help the UAE government to establish mechanisms that will create job opportunities for engineering graduates. The study will enable the UAE education system to introduce or improve engineering programs with an aim of producing engineering graduates that will be competitive and relevant to the available job opportunities. Moreover, the study will inform international students on whether to study engineering in UAE or seek engineering-related jobs in UAE. As such, investigating the topic will derive significant information to potential engineering students, stakeholders in the UAE education sector, the UAE government, and the international community.MethodsIn carrying out this investigative study, the mixture of a qualitative and quantitative research approach will be relevant. As such, the study will adopt mixed research methods that will address the research topic in an effective manner. PopulationThe research will adopt a random sampling method to establish the population and sample for the study. The population for the research will include international and local engineering students, professional engineers, policy makers in the UAE government, heads of UAE universities, members of the public, and strategists in the education sector. The study will involve a sample of 30 respondents aged between 25 and 45 years. The sample will include 10 females and 20 males. International students must have stayed in UAE for more than 3 years and professionals must have more than 4 years’ experience.Collecting DataQuestionnaires In collecting the required data, the study will use oral, written, and online questionnaires. Online engineering students will fill online questionnaires while local students will fill written questionnaires and members of the public will respond to oral questions. All respondents must have basic knowledge on the engineering course and the UAE labor market.InterviewsPolicy makers in the UAE government, heads of UAE universities, and strategists in the education sector will participate in structured interviews. I will require authorization to conduct these interviews. All respondents must have at least 4 years’ experience on the engineering course and the UAE labor market.Sample Questions for the Study1. What are the roles and responsibilities of engineering graduates in UAE labor sector?2. Which UAE institutions and companies require the services of engineering graduates?3. What is the absorption rate of engineering graduates in the UAE labor market?Presenting DataIn presenting the collected data, the research will rely on graphs, tables, charts, and qualitative and quantitative analysis. These tools will tabulate and seek to establish the number and quality of job opportunities for engineering graduates in the UAE labor market.Interpreting DataThe study will interpret the collected data using relevant tools like graphs, tables, correlations, and regression. These tools will establish the number and quality of job opportunities for engineering graduates in the UAE labor market.Ethical IssuesThe study will consider ethical issues in collecting and analyzing data. The study will consider the privacy and confidentiality of the respondents and the collected information. It will also consider gender parity, human rights, and knowhow of the respondents. The study will equally consider the impartiality and truthfulness of the respondents.ChallengesVarious challenges are eminent in carrying out the study. For example, I am likely to encounter unresponsive respondents who refuse to give the required information. Some respondents may also fail to complete the questionnaires. The probability of collecting biased information is also high since the respondents will have a direct association with the results of the study. It may also be challenging to get authorization to interview some potential respondents like policy makers in the UAE government. Time constraints and interpretation tools may pose a great challenge to the findings of the study.

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