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Submit a 750 words essay on the topic Job Analysis/Job Description.A bartender manager manages the bar, ensuring that all operations go efficiently and smoothly. Bartender managers may be employed by restaurants, hotels, and private bars. They are responsible for providing the customers with high-quality service by supervising all aspects of the business including administering the staff behavior and overseeing beverage preparation and presentation.The minimum education required for an individual to be a bartender manager is a high school diploma. Preferred employees are those with years of experience of working in a bar. Management experience provides the individual with an edge over other candidates.A bartender manager assumes a senior position in the bar with a lot of responsibilities. He encounters challenges every day that require a great deal of skill and experience to deal with successfully. Considering this, the ideal age for a bartender manager is at least 30 years.Bartender managers make up to $71,000 annually on average (, 2014). However, earnings may vary depending upon the size and location of the business as well as personal factors like age, experience, and productivity.A beverage server is a person that administers the placement and delivery of orders related to food and beverage. It is a job which does not require many technical skills but the looks, mannerism, and socialization skills of a beverage server are very important.A bartender manager’s scope of work is much broader than that of a beverage server. While a bartender manager is responsible for all aspects of business ranging from its management and administration to policymaking and accountability, a beverage server’s responsibilities are related to entertaining the customers timely and efficiently. A bartender manager has to be much more experienced, mature, and skilled than a beverage server.A 20-year-old woman in Palm Desert, California complained that

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