Jim Bowie

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Jim Bowie owns a lot in Starr County and wants to build a house according to a certain set of plans and specifications. He solicits bids from three building contractors as follows: George Kimbell bids $ 175,000; Green Jameson bids $170,000; and, Davy Crockett bids $ 166,000. Bowie accepts Crockett’s bid and construction begins. A month into the work, Crockett advises Bowie that due to an unexpected rise in fuel and materials costs, he will need $ 15,000 more to complete the project. Bowie raises a fuss, but after discussing the situation with the out-bid contractors who indicate that they cannot finish the contract for less, he agrees. When the house is finished, he refuses to pay the extra money. Discuss whether Bowie is legally required to pay the additional amount.

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