Japanese and American culture

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Create a 5 page paper that discusses japanese culture and american culture. A child who is five years is trusted to walk for about two kilometers to school each day. The children are taught on becoming independent, begging with their family to their schools, workplace, neighborhood and community. Since the Second World War, the Japanese highly appreciate harmony, respect and peace among themselves. I believe that whenever people live in harmony, respect and peace, they avoid competition and confrontation.&nbsp. Great care should be taken when maintaining any close relationship. After a close examination of the Japanese culture, I realize that their biggest value is respect. They highly value respect for once self and others.On the other hand, America has many different cultures and, therefore, different cultural values. American family values vary from culture to culture. Most American families focus on the choice of religion, ensuring that everyone is happy. American families have an opportunity for education and the right to an individual’s privacy. The highest value in American culture is freedom. The right to freedom among Americans has led to increased battles and conflict with the families. In Japan, this would be viewed as a lack of love and respect, while America views this to attain independence. I have learned that the Japanese are more community-oriented and culture-dependent while Americans value freedom and rights to be individual over all the other values. Most of the Japanese identify themselves as Buddhists, Shintoists, or even both. Even though Christian missionaries got to Japan for hundreds of years, there has been an insignificant effect on Japanese philosophy and identity.&nbsp. Based on Abraham’s faith, issues such as teaching creationism in schools and gay marriages have no religious base in Japan. Japanese people approach Buddhism and Shinto is exceedingly reserved to traditions, superstitions and celebrations more than the spiritual beliefs. On the other hand, Americans have a high value for religion (Hubpages, 2013).

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