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Ivey Case/Superior Grain Inc

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Need an argumentative essay on Ivey Case/ Superior Grain Inc. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.Tests were conducted on a sample of quality data provided by the company in order to determine whether all requirements were met. However, after completing the analysis, it is quite evident that the data did not form a normal distribution and should, therefore, not be used in the determination whether the company will enjoy economic benefits upon the introduction of the third wharf (Lee et al., 2000).

The two wharfs of Superior Grain Elevator Inc have been quite busy with the increase in the arrival in shipments which caused the ships to anchor for some days in the lake while awaiting a berth. This is because Superior’s grain facility operations have been performing below the expected level in terms of capacity due to increased wheat harvest, which required shipping. This has made Superior Grain Elevator think of adding a third wharf, which is estimated to cost $1,500,000 and is expected to provide a 20% return on investment. The report is designed to determine whether the contraction of additional ships through agents will be of any economic benefit to the company (Lee et al., 2000). In this case, therefore, statistical data will be evaluated and input variables, a model with 2 wharfs and a model with 3 wharfs will be used in determining the economic benefits. Demurrage costs and waiting times for a model using the three wharfs will be computed as well as the annual savings in terms of costs.The above data clearly show that the introduction or expansion of the operation into the third wharf will lead to a reduction in the time of ship arrival unlike when the company used the first and second wharfs (Robinson, 2004). When the ship arrival time is reduced, it means that the company’s operations will also expand, and this would make the company experience the economic benefits thereof. Also, with the introduction of the third wharf, the loading time for each ship will reduce and the arriving ships will not have to take a long time as…….


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