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IT Decision Paper

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Assignment

Write a 3 page essay on IT Decision Paper.The project is in line with WW’s goals of achieving growth of up to 5 per cent per year and minimizing costs to free up funds for other key projects. The IT project enables WW to excel in a competitive environment. The IT project allows the Management Team to execute its tasks with ease as they check and rectify stagnant departments (Zarate? 2012). The staff also finds an easy time with keeping the company’s data and assigning duties. In addition, the IT project enables the staff to respond to concerns by customers thus improving customer care and service delivery (Davenport and Morison 2010).3. IT Portfolio Alignment The IT project is urgent and needs the immediate implementation to realize both the short and long-term targets of the company. Therefore, the project should be implemented ahead of any other project in the IT Portfolio. The project supports the management and transport sectors of the company. The IT project enables quick decision making by the company’s management team and staff.4. IT Architecture The IT project represents an overhaul of the IT infrastructure at WW. The project supports and augments the pre-existing IT infrastructure at WW. The IT project is in a way an upgrade of the IT infrastructure at WW. The project should interface with other systems in place and those in development. The system shall use the pre-existing GPS devices on trucks to send data of the location of the trucks and their loading status to the control room run by the Management Team.

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