Issues in media

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Write 5 page essay on the topic Issues in Media: Political Communication- Portfolio.With this mode of communication, it is possible for the members of the public to get educated regarding political issues, and also get connected to officials in government (Sweitzer, 2014).It is the role of government agencies to embark on the implementation and regulation of policies within an economy. Most regulations are put in place so as to ensure that markets run in an effective manner and hence protect consumers through the implementation of safety regulations. The regulations that the government imposes target the environment, public services and goods, as well as the way in which an urban environment should be planned. However, a large number of people and organizations stipulate that the regulations that the government imposes are often confusing, cumbersome, inefficient, expensive, counter-productive and unconstitutional. This is because they tend to hurt the same industries and businesses that they are made to protect. Therefore, it is crucial to engage in additional reforms to ensure that the regulations that the government imposes address the needs of an economy appropriately (Macaray, 2013).It is crucial to eliminate the culture of secrecy, especially in the public sector and develop an approach that can help to favor transparency and hence enhance appropriate governance. With the elimination of the culture of secrecy, is becomes clear on how public funds are being spent. Moreover, it is possible to identify how people get hired for public sector jobs as well as offer an insight in particular areas such as nursing homes and schools. In this case, it is appropriate to exercise openness so as to improve the manner in which services are delivered to members of the public, and ensure that they are highly effective. Moreover, it is essential to challenge the culture of secrecy since people have a right

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