Issue of women in the workplace

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Write a 5 pages paper on the issue of women in the workplace outside the home. Let us consider other factors that lead to women to work outside. Women today are more intelligent and independent. They strongly believe that given the chance, they can equal the jobs of the male gender working behind office desks. Higher wages also draws women to work. With the help of household tools that are being used like the washing machines, the microwave oven and other tools in the house that make everyday household works easier, women have more time to spare in doing other jobs. There is also this rising aspiration for them to have our own material goods. For most women, owning material things that are hard earned is an accomplishment. Sharing family expenses with the man of the house is also an achievement.

The economic and institutional advantage is clearly seen. In this changing world, women have proven they can surpass the ability of the male gender, that the intelligence of men and women are now of equal footing. However, let us not forget that there are workplaces that are designed for the male gender in as much as there are workplaces that are dominated by the female force. Looking at a more specific job field, as in the field of engineering and management, the male dominates the female population. In hospitals, and in some clerical offices, the women population is more than twice of the male population. The statistics show that 52.7% of families shows that both husbands and wives are working. As Dr Jeffry H. Larson has cited, In the final analysis, thirty years of research show that for the benefit of men, women, and their children, marriage is superior to cohabitation.&nbsp.

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