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Isis campaign

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Write an essay on ISIS CAMPAIGN. Paper must be at least 250 words. is absolute and when such freedom is abused and already poses a threat to national security, such freedom should be regulated to the effect of asking these social media companies not to be used as a medium by ISIS to recruit fighters from the West. To the end of social media companies, following this mandate of the US government is consistent with CRM or Corporate Responsible Management where the company refuses to be used as a tool of evil.Most media outfit no longer air or cover the propaganda materials of ISIS. In fact, ISIS beheading of people and burning of a Jordanian pilot was not aired not only due to its gruesome image but also as a responsible practice of journalism not to be used by terrorist organizations to spread their propaganda messages. Companies must do the same and should contribute to defeating and ending of terrorist organizations that had killed so many people and destroyed so many infrastructures including those important ones such as heritage structures. They should therefore ban any propaganda messages from ISIS in their


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