Iron Thunderhorse’s Life

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Write an argumentative essay on Iron Thunderhorse’s Life. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.From the discussion it is clear that& his childhood Iron’s catholic schoolmates ridiculed him and abused him for his religion and long hair.&nbsp. However his troubles increased later when one day he decided to stop for a cup of tea at a local restaurant in Connecticut. Some local boys over there thought it would be fun to play tricks on him and to give him a haircut. Iron was used to the rough and tough guys at school. Being hardened by the construction work, Iron defended himself by fighting back. Because the boys were related to the influential people of the area and since luck was not in favor of Iron, the police arrested him. At the same time the defeated boys kept on looking for opportunities to take revenge for their defeat. One winter two of the boys chased Iron’s car off the road, which resulted in the death of his wife and young son. After this incident Iron started drinking heavily and went on the look for his enemies to take revenge of his wife’s and son’s death.This paper stresses that&nbsp.Iron took his revenge from the boys but the police arrested him for aggravated assault. At the age of eighteen Iron was sent to Vietnam to participate in the war.&nbsp. Iron took part in the secret operations in Vietnam and South East Asia. Even under such circumstances Iron maintained his dignity and refused to obey the orders of the government that went against his conscience.&nbsp.As a result of which Iron and his men were sent back to California and were released from their duties.

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