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Investigation of the American Culture

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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Investigation of the American Culture. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Semiotics, as a result, encompasses a method that is essential when analyzing popular culture. Solomon and Maasik describe semiotics as the study of signs by explaining what everything means before forming conclusions irrespective of prior knowledge towards something. Cultural semiotics thus focuses on extending the meaning beyond what a sign signifies to explain its meaning through employing power and ideology (Sonia and Solomon 200). The method, as a result, uses a skeptical approach whenever studying modern cultures as opposed to believing what particular signs represent in a given culture. For example, if the researcher considers the pop culture among the Americans, semiotics will enhance in understanding the culture towards the exact group of interest in pop culture. As a result, all cultural aspects present a political form in that they serve some individual’s vision and reality.

American mythologies and archetypes remain a significant discussion in American history and what the majority attributes as the grassroots of American culture. An American myth represents a traditional story that frequently focuses on supernatural achievements or individual heroes that accomplished something unique that serves a fundamental aspect in the view of the American people. American myths, therefore, serve as accounts for something origin and explain the aspects related to the natural world while they may also delineate ideas of the society. An archetype, on the other hand, refers to the modern flow or depicts an original pattern that individuals and everything of that particular kind is copied or for a basis. It may also involve a form of collectively unconscious ideas that human beings inherit and they become universally held across&nbsp.the nation. An example of an American myth refers to the civil war that Americans hold as a moral imperative that aimed at putting an end to slavery while on the contrary an archetype is represented by The Genteel Patriarch (Sonia and Solomon 200).&nbsp.


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