Introduction to human

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Argumentative essay on An introduction to human. Needs to be 7 pages. For instance, the DNA of humans.Cladogenesis is a form of splitting where the main branch and its sub branches form an evolutionary strategy which is adaptable and eventually leads to formation of high quality range of sister organisms. On the other hand, anagenesis is a gradual evolution which leads to overall replacement of a species by its novel form.Tarsier&nbsp.: Tarsier bancanus is a primate species tarsier. They live in southern Philippines. Tarsiers are adapted to leaping with their legs and muscles comprising approximately a quarter of the total body weight.Cercopithecoidea: species in this group include talapoins, macaques, surilis and geunons. They are found in several places including Southeast Asia, Africa and India. Some species are terrestrial while others are arboreal.B) Primates have evolved a number of different social organizations, in your own words define and discuss each of the following social categories and then for each category give an example of one primate species (different from those used in your answers above) whose social organization falls into that category and discuss something interesting about that species social life. (21 points)Noyau: Noyau is seen in orangutans and they depict promiscuous mating patterns. These primates do not live in groups as they live in isolation. The home ranges where the primates live are intersecting and both females and males do not live together. There are no set boundaries on the ranges. While females have single home range, males have a relatively huge range that covers several ranges occupied by the females.Monogamy: An example of a primate who portrays monogamous mating patterns are the gibbons. In this case, there is only one pair and their respective offsprings. Mates engage with only one primate all their lives, there is no promiscuity.Polyandry: primates who practice polyandrous mating include Goeldis Marmoset. Polyandry involves one

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