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Interviewing Presentation InstructionsYou will create a PowerPoint presentation that overviews how to properly conduct a psychological interview.Content: You will be graded on how well you integrate course content and research into your presentation. For full credit, you must include the key principles of clinical interviewing (e.g., preparation, introductions, open vs. closed questions, professionalism, etc.). You may focus on interviews with a certain population (e.g., families in crisis, individuals with disabilities, children, etc.) or present on psychological interviewing in general.Resources:·         Although research focused, many good tips can be found here:·         Another thorough resource related to psychological interviews with families and children can be found at:··         Your book covers interviews on pp. 9–11, 453–459, and 464–466.Presentation: You will be graded on the “aesthetics” of your presentation (graphics, clarity, interest, etc.).Reminder: Your presentation should focus on clinical, psychological interviewing (rather than on interviewing in general, such as in job interviewing). NO PLAGARISMMAKE A REFERENCE SLIDE (Use reliable resources)  also APA FORMATTING!

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