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Internet Banking System

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Week 5 Assignment – Internet Banking SystemAssignment Content Project rollout begins after a project has been implemented, tested, and judged stable and functional enough to be moved into production. The project rollout process comprises of specific steps that must be scheduled carefully to enable the project to hit production deadlines and meet business expectations.For this assignment you will create an implementation project plan that outlines the steps involved in implementing your project. This document is sometimes called a work-back schedule because you begin with the date that your project needs to go live, and then work back from there to determine what needs to be done when.You will also conduct a post-mortem on the work you have submitted to date. Post-mortem (from the Latin for “after death,”), when referred to it in a business context is the analysis of a project’s process and results conducted by key project stakeholders after the project has been moved into production, which means it’s functionally complete. The goal of a post-mortem is to identify what went right and what went wrong post-implementation so that project managers can apply these lessons learned to future projects.For this assignment, you will need to do three things:Complete a work-back schedule that presents the steps involved in implementing your project.Conduct a post-mortem on the work you have submitted to date in this course.Update your project documents based on the results of your post-mortem.Review the Project Implementation Plan Example.Create a project implementation plan for your project based on the example document. You may use Microsoft Word or other software (such as Microsoft Project) to create your project implementation plan.Download and complete the Post-Mortem template based on your experiences completing the course project over the last five weeks.Revise the project documents you have submitted so far in the course based on your completed post-mortem.Submit your project implementation plan, post-mortem, and updated project documents.


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