International coordination by Israel

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Assignment

Write a 4 pages paper on the international coordination by Israel during the raid. While the counterterrorism approach used by Israel does not meet standard practice since it was a breach of the UN Charter, it is evident that Israel operated using different standards in comparison to other nations. In this case, it would be impermissible for other nations to take a similar approach to the one that Israel took, and such an approach could have attracted punitive measures although Israel appears immune. Indeed, African nations noted that the approach by Israel towards counterterrorism was against the expected practice although the country appeared to have embraced it as a policy, which put the security of nations at risk. In this regard, McDowell (1976) noted, “No country, and certainly no African country, can henceforth be secure against such acts, on which the Israeli government seems to wish to confer the status of State practice” (1228).

In effect, this emphasizes that Israel’s counterterrorism approach was not standard practice although the US and the UN appeared to have sanctioned the raid. In conclusion, nations face challenges regarding the counterterrorism approaches they will use to rescue their citizens in instances that involved other nations. Case in point, Israel’s approach to raid Entebbe and rescue the hostages was an act in breach of the UN Charter although it gained support from other nations. Nonetheless, the raid involved international coordination with nations such as Kenya, which was subsequently bombed as a repercussion on the role it played. However, it is important to point out that Israel did not use standard practice during the Entebbe raid although the country appears to have perfected unconventional approaches in counterterrorism.

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