International Conferences on Business and Culture

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Business Globalization-International Conferences on Business and Culture. Communications problems in marriages of Japanese women and American men arose because of inadequate acculturation of Japanese women. The crisis in their marriages starts when their kids are grown up and identify themselves with American values and behavior norms. American and Japanese communications styles differ significantly as Americans are more straightforward whereas, Japanese prefer understanding feelings of each other. In this way, Americans are more expressive whereas, Japanese do not express their feelings and they assume that other person will understand feelings from subtle things. Moreover, significant cultural differences, religious differences and language barriers also create problems in the relations between U.S. and Japanese marriages.In a panel discussion on “Japanese Religion as Local Culture and its Global Relevance”, all panel members shared their experience when they in Japan. In the discussion, the establishment of Association of Sacred sites of Shinto and Buddhism in 2008 was considered as a cooperative relationship between the two traditions. The focus of discussion was on aspects of Japanese religion, Buddhism and Judaism in Japan. It has been highlighted by all of the panel members that Japanese have strong religious beliefs and most of the times Americans get amazed about miracles which are common things for Japanese. Like Japan other Asian countries are also nature-oriented and they believe that they learn from nature. People in Japan believe that senses are actions to be respectful and everything has a life source. They have a strong belief that God exists somewhere out there, but God is within us and even all individuals are different but they have been created by something greater than that.In the discussion on Social Justice and Global Strategies, internationalization and globalization were discussed.

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