International Business

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Submit a 750 words essay on the topic International Business (4).Over the last decades, business has seen its way because of globalization, globalization has enabled countries to expand beyond its territories and get assessed to the wider market (Smith, 2009).Success of any nation in its business undertakings and operations is measured by its ability to form coalitions and work jointly with business partners in different nations. No country or nation works in isolation if success is to be realized, these business partnerships can be between neighboring nations, regional and between countries of different continents. These coalitions normally aims at marketing one another’s products, assisting their partners when in need of finances, buying products from its partners and actively participating in promotion and other activities related to marketing of its partner’s products. Choice of members to form coalition with is the most crucial aspect to be considered when reaching at a conclusion about the country to operate jointly.

These coalitions and joint operations are, however, faced with challenges and accompanied by risks. China and United States of America are example of nations, which has successfully worked jointly as business partners. Business in China has significantly developed and prospers because of joint business formed with other nations of the world. One such joint business is with the USA, through this partnership, China has benefited in various ways like access to international market, foreign goods, and market for its products and access to wider variety of goods at subsidized relationship because of good relationship with USA. Business in China requires that there exist personal relationship with the country of interest for them to form these partnership long procedures are also involved. USA on the other hand, has benefited with this joint business with China. The diverse technologies available in China have been adopted by the US, thus leading to progress in technology.

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