Intellectual and scientific developments

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In this assignment, you are going to research some of the major intellectual and scientific developments of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Your task is to select three major developments from the list below or from doing your own research and describe the influence the development had on the society in which it was produced and the influence it had on the rest of the world. Each major development you choose should have several (at least three) well-written paragraphs. You are also encouraged to find pictures of these developments. List of Scientific and intellectual developments of the seventeenth and eighteenth century Europe:Copernicus and his theory of the Sun being the center of our universe: “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres”Danish Astronomer, Tycho Brahe: Astronomical observatory late 1500’sGerman Astronomer and Mathematician, Johannes Kepler: Orbits of the Planets.Galileo and the telescope in 1609: Inquisition and Catholic Church’s response. Scientific Method: Talk about how it replaced/added to Biblical thinking.Francis Bacon: Experimentation and ObservationRene Descartes: Human ReasoningIsaac Newton: GravityChemistry and Robert Boyle: individual elements and chemical compounds.Andreas Vesalius in 1543 published “On the Structure of the Human Body” outlining Human Anatomy.French physician, Ambroise Pare, developed an ointment for preventing infection and a new technique for closing and stitching wounds.William Harvey, Circulation of the blood and function of the heartJohann Gutenberg and the Printing PressShakespeare and literatureSeveral European artists (painter, composer, musician, architect, sculptor, writer) of this time could be selected but you must make a case for them.LutheranismCalvinismEnglish ReformationCatholic or Counter-ReformationNew Maritime or Sailing technology

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