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Initial velocity

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Write the following on this particular physics question (friction and work). Can anyone help?£12. A shuffieboa rd player is making a shot for the University of Waterlooshuffleboard championship (In the game "shuffleboard", disks are slid along theboard with the goal of having them come to rest in the scoring area). The boardhas three different regions. From left to right (as shown on the diagram) thecoef?cient of kinetic friction is P.“ = 0.0, IJ-kl =0.05, and Mk3 = 0.5. In order to winthe player has to slide her disk from the center of the left side and have it stop atthe exact centre of the last section on the right (assume the disks are smallrelative to the size of the board). What initial velocity does she have to give theshuffleboard disk in order to win the championship?


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