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Prepare and submit a paper on informative speech: how tones are important in public speaking. Informative speech: How tones are important in public speaking Informative speech is essential in the events that people engage in through their day-to-day activities, not to mention the influence it has on the decisions they make. Informative speech is crucial in passing information. However, it is important to note that sometimes while speaking or when presenting the speech, what people say may not correspond with what they want to say or how they want to present the speech. Therefore, the tones are important in public speaking. The tone of the voice may say more to a listener than the message itself. It defines the extent to which the audience pays attention and comprehends the meaning of whatever is being said.Tones are important in public speaking because the tone of the voice says a lot. It can tell whether a speaker is passionate about the topic matter. It can also tell whether a speaker understands the subject and is confident about it, or not. The tone of the voice shows a speaker`s attitude towards the audience and determines how audience decides upon the sincerity of the speaker. Sometimes, audience views the speaker boring even though he may be presenting an interesting and captivating topic. The tone of a speaker is what makes the audience regard the presentation as boring (Bates 30). Every speaker should be concerned about the importance of tones in public speaking because of several reasons. First, audience should be concerned about the importance of tones usage in public speaking because it is the recipient of the tonal characteristics of a message. If the tone of a speaker is not meant for the speech, it can make the audience dull to the extent of veering away from the presentation (Griffin 70). Tone influences the audience`s reception of the message. If the tone is wrong, the audience could interpret the message wrongly. Tone also has an effect on the manner in which the audience could present the message to other audiences. Therefore, a speaker should be concerned because it goes further to other people who may have not attended the speech presentation (Griffin 70).The information on tones in public speaking improves audience`s ability to deliver a speech in several ways. Firstly, it helps the audience to know how to adjust the tone, while giving speech, include pauses, put emphasis on words and speed the rate of speech (Moore 68). Secondly, it helps the audience to understand how to balance vocal quality in different situations to pass the intended message with the right meaning. It is also essential for the audience to be concerned about the importance of tone in public speaking because they are participants in public speaking. Therefore, they have an essential role to play which includes participating actively and understanding the process. Therefore, understanding the importance of the tone helps people to become better listeners and participants in public speaking (Hamilton 71). In conclusion, tone has a significant role in public speaking for both the speaker and the audience. It contributes to the success of the public speaking process especially in informative speeches. It outlines the manner in which the message is presented and defines reception and interpretation of the meaning by the audience. Therefore, both the speaker and the audience must know the significance of tone usage in public speaking. Works citedBates, Jefferson D. Writing with precision: how to write so that you cannot possibly be misunderstood. 3rd eds. Washington, DC: Acropolis Books, 1980. Print.Griffin, Michael A. Public Speaking Basics. New York: University Press of America, 2008. Print.Hamilton, Cheryl. Essentials of Public Speaking. London: Cengage Learning, 2011. Print.Moore, Mel. Teach Yourself Public Speaking: From Butterflies to Self-Confidence. Indiana: iUniverse, 2011. Print.

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