Information Technology Security

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Submit a 3750 words essay on the topic Information Technology Security.To do so we firstly need to understand the different types of frauds. Then we focus on what is identity theft, its growth using computers, and the possible precautions. Also the legal responses have been touched upon briefly. To understand the seriousness of identity theft we firstly need to know the different types of electronic frauds.The next section helps us understand the different electronic frauds. With the increased usage of computers and the Internet, there is a lot of movement data and personal information. This is one of the biggest causes for the increase of electronic crime. E crime is treated very seriously and is every country has its own laws relating to the Internet usage. This document will provide a study of the computer related crimes and a few of the statistics of the various crimes that are conducted.Computer as known are automated data processing, communication or storage devices. Crimes as known are an act which is a violation of the law and regulations. A Computer Related Crime hence is a crime where the computers are used as an instrument for the crime. Here the computers contain all the evidences of the crime. Criminals sort to manipulation of computer records for fraudulent activities. Another very common fraud is unauthorised access to information where the criminals hack into customers accounts to make changes or misuse the accounts.Also another common fraud is hacking, or cracking of software to modify customer data, like phone number and address can be changed easily without any proof or evidence. The cost of licences for software is very high, thus some of the criminals sort to create pirated versions of software. Also with the growth and increase of internet usage, it is very common for people to receive viruses. These viruses can spread through online chat accounts, or even by email attachments. Some of the viruses

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