Infectious diseases

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1. Seek and FindYour Discussion should be 3-4 paragraphs in length, detailing your thoughts and position using 2-3 readings references for support.  Also be sure to pose 1-2 well thought out questions from which your colleagues can formulate a response or generate further discussion.Choose and research four (4) infectious diseases. Try to achieve a variety in your own selections as well as diseases unique from what your classmates have already posted. For your research please use only well-known, reputable sources.In one discussion post that has four sections, create a brief description or summary of each of your four diseases. The word count for each disease should be approximately 100 words. The content of your summaries should include the etiology, mode of transmission, target host, or any other pertinent details about each disease that makes them unique. The summaries may be short, but they should be complete and include any essential or notable facts about the diseases.At the end of each summary include a question about the disease that would prompt your colleagues to visit your references and find the answer. They will have the opportunity to go into more detail about the topics in their discussion replies.Resources to get you startedNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases MMWR Index Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal for Infectious Disease Research and Policy Poisoning Related Diseases & Conditions Health Topic Q&AIn a 2-3 page paper, answer the following questions. In addition to the researched facts you present as your answer, you may provide opinions and real-world experiences where appropriate.Scenario: You are a physician’s assistant at a local medical practice. You noticed that some of your patients could benefit from additional educational materials, especially to be given after their appointment or made available on your practice’s website. Your colleagues could benefit from reading this information and may also find it helpful to have on hand in case a patient poses similar questions to them in the future.Choose a single pathogen or health topic related to infection and research medical facts about the condition and current medical recommendations. In planning your answer, select a relationship of the author with the audience. Examples include doctor to patient, nurse educator to other nurses, or counselor to family members of a patient.Provide an informational brochure or blog post in the form of a Q&A or an expert advice column. Include five (5) or more original questions. The answers should be original, factual, and provide relevant information for the audience. Assume your target audience is not familiar with the material but would have a keen interest in learning more.Your complete Q&A should include at least five individual questions with complete answers. Clearly identify the question and answer (e.g., “Q:” before the question) and go into detail in each answer. You may advise the reader to read more elsewhere, but first be sure each question in your submission has a thorough, informational answer.Resources to get you startedExample: Does stopping a course of antibiotics early lead to antibiotic resistance? Sexual health Q&A

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