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Industrial action

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Write a 2 page essay on Industrial action.If we are to look into this problem 17 years ago, it was stated that A 1990 survey of working time found that just over one in 16 employees in Britain had their working hours calculated on an annual basis.(1) At present there are a lot of workers that are being paid in output basis rather than the time they consume to finish the work. These works includes the likes of care giving, freelance jobs, journalists and the likes. The kind of workers that are included in these fields are paid in an output basis which most of the companies does, because according to the companies, these people are not required to attend regular working hours and the hours that they consume in fulfilling their tasks are not that identical and this prompted these companies were compelled to do such acts. However, this scheme was not accepted by majority of the workers and this scenario oftentimes creates conflicts and clashes between the workers and the employers.There are accounts that workers are either offered with favorable amount in order for the companies’ make the workers feel that they are compensated. In this way, the workers would think twice in bringing work related matters to the court, particularly the rights of the workers that are deprived by some of the employers. However, workers and managers must know their duties and their limitations. Furthermore, Abramson claimed this vintage virtue stating “Wherever authoritative roles exist, they differentiate between those who command and those who obey. Moreover, in any organization we can differentiate between those who participate in the hierarchy of command, regardless of their position in this hierarchy, and those who are subordinate.” This means that whatever the circumstance, the workers must comply with the kind of leadership his manager employs.If we are to base it in a British management perspective which deals with relationship with


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