Individualistic explanations for certain behavior trends

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

For the third part of your final project, you will expand on your three summaries. Your goal is to move beyond the individualistic explanations for certain behavior trends that you observed and to offer a thoughtful discussion on the role the larger social factors and institutions that helped shape these trends. Think of it as trying to understand why whole groups or categories of people (HS students, Latina women, White men, 9thgraders who drink, etc, etc) behave in certain ways or engage in certain behaviors more or lessthan others. Please identify one reading per trend that helps you understand what social processes are at work. The readings could come from your text or from any other appropriate scholarly source. For each of your three trends, write a page of summary, incorporating the information you reported for part 2. In that summary, please include a brief discussion of your reading/source as it helps you understand the trends. Finally, please offer a reflection on the role that family as an institution plays in affecting or mediating risky behaviors that the Youth Survey respondents engage in.A couple of pointers — this part of your project is not a second draft of Part 2, so please don’t copy your trend write-ups verbatim, as they appeared in part 2. By all means, incorporate the factual information, but do it in a creative way.I will expect these summaries to be well written, spell checked and checked for grammar.Include a bibliography of your sources and be very particular about attributing your sources – if you are using somebody else’s words in your summaries, you have to give credit. All rules for plagiarism apply.

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