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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses An individual Management Report: Analysing how international trade and supply chain strategies are implemented, supported, delivered and developed in a chosen trans-national company agreed with your tutor.Toyota has been picked as the company of choice for this study because it operates its manufacturing operations in 27 countries and sells its products in more than 170 countries (Toyota-global, 2014). Due to its geographically diverse business operations Toyota is the right choice to study international supply chain management. This paper includes details of procurement of raw materials, components and services, manufacturing process with reference to Lean manufacturing.In order to adopt an efficient operations system, Toyota designed its own supply chain management system known as Toyota Production system (TPS) in 1940. The TPS is one of the most efficient production systems in the automobile manufacturing industry. The company successfully improved its production system which not only increased it revenue generation but it also improved its brand image (Liker, 2005). The TPS model aims to fulfill the following goals which are, a) to provide the best quality in the industry, and make it an inherent characteristic of the company, b) low production cost owing to the efficient production system, c) In time delivery of products by adhering to process standards, d) taking care of environmental issues by conforming to environmental standards, e) following necessary measure to provide safety to both customers and employees. The Toyota Production System has been structured in the diagram below (Sanders, 2012).The TPS is based on lean manufacturing system. The concept of lean manufacturing is to achieve waste reduction by improving the work flow and reducing the work overload. This process has been termed by Toyota as Muda Muri Mura (Ohno, 2004). The lean manufacturing process allows the managers to reduce wastage by comparing the input of raw materials with the out of finished goods. This comparison helps the company to assess the amount of raw materials wasted in the

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