Impression management

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Need help with my writing homework on Impression Management. Write a 2000 word paper answering; This attitude is not without adequate preparation. It is generally backed by a good deal of study of the issue under discussion and preparation for the presentation style. The purpose is to impress. The reasons for individuals adopting impression management techniques are for personal gain or with a view to carrying conviction for a set course of action or for even a genuine aim of helping someone. Whatever may be the reasons, the impact of the technique of impression management on board room discussions and therefore on corporate governance issues can not be underestimated. Decisions in the board room become corporate policies and hence impact the performance of the organization. To ensure that impression management tactics do not over-ride good corporate governance, care should be taken to moderate such tendencies.This is not a proposal for modifying an existing corporate policy. It relates to the discussions and decision-making process in our meetings, held three or four times every year and the record notes of which are being maintained in our corporate archives, and the decisions entered in the Minutes Book by the company secretariat, as required by the law. While the Minutes Book crisply deals with the decisions only, the record notes elaborate the stand taken by individual members in detail, which at some point of time in future may become public, and hence the need for this proposal.&nbsp.Impression management has its advantages as well as drawbacks. By studiously being aware of the implications of our deliberations at all times, we retain the benefits of impression management while avoiding the pitfalls. These aspects are dealt with in greater detail below, which is prepared on the basis of a review of the current literature on the subject. Executive Summary has been given on the cover page of this document.

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