Importance of motivation

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Argumentative essay on The Importance of Motivation. Needs to be 2 pages. Thus, it could be concluded that money is not always a motivator (Herzberg, 2003). In order to explain leadership, Edmondson et al. (2001) illustrated examples of two hospitals namely Chelsea and Mountain Hospitals. The leaders at both hospitals adopted different strategies for the implementation of new technologies. The leader at Chelsea, regardless of being experienced and senior, found the technology to be difficult for the team members. It was because of the poor understanding of the leader and his communication with the team. On the contrary, the leader at Mountain hospital was junior. However, he tried to utilize technologies differently. He became a part of the team and did not become a dictator unlike the one at Chelsea (Edmondson et al., 2001). Persuasion is defined as a magic by Robert B. Cialdini. Through persuasion, individuals can convince others and ask for favors. It should be noted that persuasion can be done following the six principles of persuasion. Furthermore, individuals can be easily persuaded through social proof. According to the author, researchers in 1988 were able to conduct research on persuasion in two different American cities. The results showed that people could be easily persuaded through social proof, i.e. if they see others (their neighbors, friends or family) doing the same thing then, they are most likely to get convinced. Strong organizational culture is an important aspect of organizational success. In order to develop a strong organizational culture, strong and effective leadership is required. However, it should be noted that leadership and culture are informally associated with each other. It suggests that if less formal direction provided to employees regarding strategies, then they will put greater efforts and will take the ownership. The liabilities of strong organizational culture are many, however, the notable ones are ethical liabilities, pieces of training, reward system, etc.

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